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FAST Defrag Professional 2.25

Fast Defrag Pro is a system optimization tool to speed up your PC or Laptop
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Fast Defrag Professional is an easy-to-use program that will help you to recover the lost memory of your computer and return your PC to its optimum speed and stability. This program uses low system resources and has a simple and intuitive graphic interface with icon style commands. The Fast Defrag application includes the right utilities for tweaking your computer's configuration and will allow you to control start up programs too.

The program features a memory editor to modify games for faster play, and by covering the maximum free memory will prevent your computer from hanging or crashing. The FAST Defrag will monitor and log information for you about your computer's memory, processor and startup programs that launch when Windows is started, and will prevent your computer from launching unwanted programs at start up. The Task Manager will help you to make your system faster and more secure keeping your computer running smoothly and more efficient.

The program is not free but you can download and test its full-featured trial version for 15 days before buying it.

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  • Uses low system resources
  • Easy-to-use
  • Trial version is full-featured


  • Not free
  • Not suitable for Windows Vista
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